I would like to sell Indian 1968 Old 10 paise coin

Yes you can sell you 10 paisa 1968 coin but before selling you coin please know more about you coin first.
1968 old 10 Paise coin is minted from 3 differnet mints Hyderabad, Calcutta and Mumbai Mint and coin look like this-

10 Paisa 1968 Rare Coin
10 Paisa 1968 Rare Coin
Year 1968
Denomination 10 paise
Country INDIA
Composition Nickel-Brass
Edge type Smooth
Shape Scallop
Alignment Medal (0°)
Weight (gr) 4.3
Diameter (mm) 23
Thickness (mm) 1.7

Total coins minted by government of india of 10 paisa 1968 is 1,55,940,000. That is very high and this coin is not a rare coin and is having value arround 10 rupee to 50 rupees at max. But if you are looking to sell your coin kindly please reffer to this blog. https://thecollectorspoint.com/2022/03/08/i-want-to-sell-old-coins-and-notes/

Thanks kindly please comment your opinion in comments

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