Hello friends, today’s vlog is on 25 paise `Rhino Coin’ in which we will give you 100% true information related to this coin. Do you also have such coin in your collection? If yes, then this vlog is completely just for you, to know the complete information be with us till the end. As many people have heard on social media platforms, that this 25 paise coin can give you lakhs of rupee. That’s not true so, here I will tell the real value of this coin in current scenario along with that I will also tell you which one of the coins is more rare and valuable among all old 25 paise. At the time when these coins were in circulation, they are expensive but now a day’s their values have increased, as they are non-circulating coins.

So, let’s start the vlog with brief information about this coin. 25 paise coins were issued by government of India in year 1978-2002. These coins were issued by four mints i.e. Hyderabad, Noida, Calcutta &Bombay Mint. Not all coins of 25 paise come in rare category, only some of them are valuable and come in rare category.Now let’s talk about the 25 paise coin of 1993 Hyderabad Mint, which comes in rare category and has its value. Although in Year 1993 25 paise was issued from Noida, Hyderabad, Calcutta & Bombay Mints But Hyderabad minted coin were minted in less amount that’s the reason they are more collectable and rare.25 paise 1993 Hyderabad mint ‘RHINO COIN’ should have a star mark than only it is considered as Rare coin.

Now let’s know the physical specification of this coin:-

Shape – circular Metal – Stainless steel Weight – 2.85 – 3 gms Diameter – 19 mm Edge – smooth

Now have a look on price, the price of this coin is between Rs 1000-3000 rupees in Very fine to UNC Condition. So if you also have this 25 paise 1993 coin and want to sell it, then visit to the website or directly download the coinabazzar application which deals in numismatic. Sell your products here; this is one of the best Indian Numismatic Application. Register yourself as a seller, List your products and earn good amount of money. I Hope information provided in this blog must be very beneficial for you.

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