10 Paise “Save for Development” three times more valuable

Today’s vlog is going to be on 10 paise coin , If you people will also have this same coin and this vlog is going to be very beneficial for you. So, in this vlog I will give you the complete information about this extremely rare coin & I will also tell you how one can make money by selling this coin of 10 paise. So, let’s start the vlog with brief information of this coin. Development Oriented Coins, in which several Indian Commemorative Coins were issued on different themes from early 1970’s to mid 1980’s. The main reason behind the issuance of development Oriented Coins was to bring awareness of citizens towards the key areas of the Nation like Employment, Agriculture, Women Empowerment etc. Likewise, in year 1977, to promote the importance of economic strength of the country and all the citizens of the country the theme of the Development Oriented Coins was ‘Save for Development’ and based on this theme, Indian government issued 4th 10 paise commemorative coin.

Speciality about this coin:-

  • ‘Save for Development’ was the 5th Theme opted for Development Oriented Commemorative Coins.
  • 10 paise coins have appeared in 4 metal compositions till date. But commemorative coins of 10 paise are seen only in Aluminium metal.
  • The coin design beautifully depicts that in order to progress and get good education, medical facilities, shelter etc. Financial stability is important for which savings is a best practice.

Physical specifications of this coin:-

  • Shape- Scalloped (12 Notches)
  • Metal – Al-Mg Alloy
  • Standard Weight -2.3 grams
  • Standard diameter – 26mm
  • Edge – Plain
  • Rim- Plain Raised

Now let’s move on to the price value of this coin. So the estimated price of this coin in UNC Condition is 200 rupees

I Hope information related to this note must be very beneficial for you. If you have this coin too then how you will sell it, let’s know here.

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